How I Got My Literary Agent

After debating for w while, I finally got the chance to talk about how I got my literary agent who represents all my work. It was an ordinary day in March 2020 when I was still querying agents, and asking around on LinkedIn as much as possible. I build up a list of connections over years on LinkedIn. In March, I sent to a group of script writers to invite them on a collaboration to write a script together.

I have told them I was a writer and also put a link to my Amazon page to my published books. Few of them agreed, and one writer rejected the invite. I didn’t answer until the very next day when I got a message from a writer who rejected the invite and told me she discussed my author platform with her colleague who is an agent, and she wanted me to email her.

I sent an email to the literary agent, and she responded that she was interested in my books, and platform. She asked me to send a sample of three selected titles, and after reading it, she told me she wants to represent me. I was skeptical at first, I even checked her on her website, and social media. She seemed legit.

She sent me a contract after talking, and I read the contract with my family. After I signed the contract, I sent her the signed copy of the contract. We discussed on what I should do to get ready for submission, and told me she wanted me to write a synopsis, summary, and three chapters sample. I did that within 24 hours, and sent it to her. We had planned to start submitting in April but quarantine started and most editors are out of their offices, so we had to wait until July.

We discussed about submission, and sent the full manuscript to an editor who works for my agent. She had to read the full book and make a report. for now I am waiting for the report to read it, and maybe make some necessary changes before submitting to editors.