Washed Out

Safa Shaqsy’s Washed Out is a tragic and witty teen novel that will appeal to fans of books by Julie Buxbaum’s novel Tell Me Three Things.

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Washed Out
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Here's my first published novel The Finite

Claudia lives in the Hoop, a space city that orbits around earth. She follows the rules her society built for everyone. 

Just like everyone in her society, perfection is essential to maintain a peaceful society, without war or destruction. 

Claudia discovers that people gone missing. There were wicked plans for the abducted people.

She meets Ricky Maxwell from earth, and starts an alliance with people she met from earth. She and her friends set to find the missing families, and try to stop wars between planets..

Safa Shaqsy is the author of many science fiction, and fantasy novels.

She graduated from a business college but participated in many writing activities including writing her own stories and poems as she expressed herself through words. Her love for novels started when she got a novel as a gift, that’s when she discovered the magic of the fiction world.

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