Sahara is cursed. As a baby she died and was reborn through the dark magic of a Gajar witch. Now Sahara possesses the gift of immortality as she can die and return from the sands. Sahara’s father is the king of Salam Kingdom. He has trained her to kill the men of Dam Kingdom as revenge on their king because of an unresolved feud that stems from Sahara’s original cause of death. Sahara’s father believes that his brother is responsible for sending someone to kill Sahara to weaken his kingdom and leave it vulnerable to be taken over. Sahara has trained for her mission. She is to marry the prince of Dam Kingdom and then kill him. However, upon meeting there is an attraction between Sahara and the prince of Dam Kingdom resulting in a relationship Sahara had not planned on. The king is most upset when he hears of the marriage plans and summons the dark witches to curse Salam Kingdom, sending Sahara far away to a land where she is alone, hungry and pregnant with the heir to both kingdoms. Will Sahara be able to save Salam Kingdom and her baby?


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