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Read some of Alien Busters book reviews

“I literally loved it from beginning to end. I would give a 5/5 stars and I highly recommend you to read it!” Alycia, goodreads and

“This book took me by surprise I had other books come to mind when reading this book, it felt like Illuminae, (which is one of my favorite books) and Zenith. These books didn’t come to mind just because they are about space and aliens, but because of the quality of how space and other planets are portrayed” Heather ford, goodreads

“This book suprised me a bit, in a very good way! It was very interesting” Melissa, goodreads

“the moment I started reading the first paragraph I was instantly transported to a scientific world. The word play in this adventure was beyond incredible to the point not only could I visualize the scenes” Rebecca, goodreads

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