December 27, 2016

How to write a Bestselling Book

A lot of newbie writers struggle with their first book and dream to make it in the industry. They write maybe one book that’s not quite good and try to market it, wasting a lot of cash, to readers who are not interesting in their books, and ending up not selling. Their dreams and hopes wither and they step back to contemplate the whole writing idea. Then they realize that their book wasn’t that good in the first place. Writers often do that mistake with their first book, maybe with most of their books. The question is, how do a writer write a bestselling book? There are a few steps in order to achieve that goal.

The first step, is to read a lot of books, not necessarily in the same genre, in order to know what’s in the market and what’s not. This may sound redundant, but it’s the most important step for every writer. When reading other authors’ books, you learn how the plot is written and what kind of stories people love to read. If your story has already been written, then you can twist the plot to make it original. After all, it’s not the idea that matters, but the execution. Every writer has their own voice, so you don’t have to worry about copying someone else, unless you REALLY DID copy other author’s book, then you’ll have to worry.

The second step is to read the negative reviews of other books that is quite successful, why? So you can learn what readers didn’t like in a book and try to not to write that way. For example; if a reader complains about too much text than dialogue in a book, you try to keep balance in your book, so it won’t bore the reader. You must as well read the good reviews to know what the readers like in books, so you can write what readers love.

Step three, is to write your good book. Not good, but the BEST BOOK you can. No pressure. Read a lot of books and write what you love to read. Be the reader and try not to bore yourself out with your writing. Make sure to add climax in every chapter to grab the readers’ attention. What you have to do if you’re a first time author, you need to outline your plot, so that you know where you’re heading with your story.

Step four, write a story, not just typed words. Your protagonist must have a motive and a goal. And a struggle that keeps the protagonist from achieving that goal. Make the characters like and dislike things. Flesh them out, make them real. Make sure the dialogue is authentic to your characters not just forced out spoken words.

Step five, professional editing and book cover. It is best if you send your manuscript to a professional editor and proof reader to edit your book, so your book is typo free. There are a lot of good editors online on a website called, and you can hire an editor with an hourly base or just a fixed price, 1 cent per word. Normally the editor will line edit, proofread and format your book with a reasonable price. As for the book cover I use as they designed my two books and readers kept raving about the professional covers of my books.

The last step, is to publish your book on Createspace or Ingram Spark. You can search more about them on google, it will provide you with a lot of information and you can decide from there.

These are the main steps to write a bestselling book. I can’t wait to read your comments and discuss about this topic. Feel free to comment below.

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