Chapter One

Roy rode his bike away from his camping fire that his friends set at night. The ghost stories couldn’t keep Roy to sit around the camp fire long enough, so he thought of getting fresh air and think about his grandmother who sent him on this humbling camping trip for his summer holiday.

He biked for a few minutes away from the campfire, and stopped on his tracks inside the forest. There were big trees, and owls hooting in the dark night, with blazing stars on the sky. He left his favorite bike on the side, and walked inside as he heard some sound of chewing that came from the inside the forest. There was a tree branch cracking above him. He looked up.

There was an eccentric looking girl, with long blonde hair, and golden wings on a tree branch. She had a very tight navy jump suit on that made her skinny body look boney. She chomped on some dead squirrel, very bloody and raw, with her strong teeth.

Roy stepped aside at the shocking encounter, and broke a small brunch with a crunch sound that alerted the girl with wings.

She swiftly moved her head below her to look at Roy, with alerting eyes, and defended stand on the branch, then she flew back on the ground, and threw her raw dinner on the wild grass.

She wiped her lips with her hand, as she approached him slowly.

“Human, you must leave!” She ordered.

Roy startled by her defensive approach, and said, “What are you?”

She fluttered her wings, like it’s an obvious answer.

“A Firebird,” She replied. “Now leave!”

Roy raised his hand on the air, to show peace and surrender.

“I won’t harm you,” He pleaded, “You seem hungry, I can bring you real food if you want”

The girl turned into flame, and whispered with aggression, “Why should I trust you?”

Roy nodded. “Okay, that’s a good point,” He said, then remembered the chocolates he had in his pocket. He took out the chocolate bar, wrapped in a pretty package, and approached slowly and carefully towards her.

The girl sniffed, and extended her hand to reach for the chocolate, and in less than a second, she took the chocolate bar. She sniffed it again, slowly and deeply.

“No poison,” She said, “Your heart beat is stable. You aren’t lying.”

She opened the package, and nibbled some from the chocolate. She widened her eyes, and said, “Mm, I never tried anything like this!”

“Oh, really?” Roy asked.

“What do you call it?” The girl asked

“Chocolate,” He replied.

“I like…chocolate,” She said.

“I’m glad you do,” He said.

“You’re not so bad after all, human,” She declared.

“Oh, my name is Roy,” He said, “What’s your name?”

She batted her long lashes. “I don’t have a name…” She replied with dissatisfaction, knowing that no one had to call her by her name, because she was the only Firebird around.

“I’ll call you Mila,” He said, “It’s a Spanish word for miracle.”

She smiled, then turned into a gold flamed Firebird, and flew away into the deep forest.

Chapter Two

The weather in Nevada City was warm. Roy spent his early day with his friends on his camping trip. While they cooked breakfast on the camp fire, he contemplated the girl he met the night before, and wondered if she was still around in the forest, waiting for him to feed her more chocolate.

Mila seemed like someone who needs more food in her diet, since she has been eating raw meat, and looked super pale and skinny. But he never forgot how magical her green eyes looked when he stared at her intensively.

He only heard distant laughs from his friends while he thought of going back in the forest to see her again.

One of his friends, Jack, looked at him while cooking eggs on a pan.

“Are you alright?” He asked him.

Roy’s heart skipped a beat, and he nodded in agreement.

“I just need to pee,” He said.

His friends chuckled, and one of them threw a toilet paper at him.

Roy took it, and walked alone into the forest, the same way he used the night before. When he reached the forest, he looked around for any sign of Mila’s presence.

“Mila!” He called while looking around.

A small Firebird appeared and it turned into a girl. The same girl he encounters yesterday.

Mila smiled. “Hello, Roy,” She greeted.

Roy couldn’t stop staring at her gold wings, and the sparkles they left on the ground while she fluttered her perfect wings.

“I brought some chocolate for you, and a sandwich,” He said, and took some from his backpack.

He handed her the food, and she sniffed them, before she ate them.

“Thank you,” She said, “However, we can’t continue to meet up like this. It’s dangerous.”

“Why?” Roy asked.

“They want me dead,” She said.

“Who are they?” He asked.

“The Firebird hunters,” She replied. “They want my blood. They believe I can cure diseases, but I’m the last one.”

“I promise, I won’t tell anyone about you,” Roy said.

She titled her head to the side, and gazed at him.

“You have an odd spark in your eyes,” She said. “But I must leave.”

“Wait, I want to know where you came from,” Roy said.

She walked to him, and gave him her gold whistle blower. He stared at it in his hand, then at her, appalled.

“You can whistle with this to call me, and I will come to you,” She explained, ” No human can hear it, only Firebirds.”

“Okay,” Roy said, “Can I see you tomorrow again?”

She smiled. “Don’t be so sure, Roy.”

She worked her wings, and turned into a Firebird, and disappeared in a second from sight.



Chapter Three

After Mila drank a potion to hide her gold wings, she went on a walk to find Roy, and to her surprise, he wasn’t in the camping trip as it showed from the empty camping field, and the burnt wood on the ground. She got closer to the wood, and touched it with her hand to sense the heat, and if it was recent. There were no signs of humans, so she had to pay attention to her super smell, and hearing powers. She followed Roy’s smell, which led her to a long walk to the town where houses lined up the neighborhood. It was cozy, and every house had a small garden.

She sniffed again, and walked up to a house that had a welcome rug on the doorstep. She knocked on the wooden door, and waited for someone to open the door. Roy opened the door, and his face expressions froze when he saw Mila outside waiting for him.

“You wings!” He whispered so his grandmother won’t hear them.

“Don’t worry, I made a potion to make them disappears for six hours, then it grows back,” She explained, and smiled at him.

He smiled back. “Well, come on inside,” He said.

She got inside, and saw his grandmother sitting on the purple couch, watching TV, and then she noticed that Mila came in, and looked at her with a surprised look on her face, like she wasn’t expecting any visitors.

She got up from the couch, and walked up to Mila with open arms. “Welcome, dear, what’s your name?” She asked.

“My name is…Mila,” She answered.

“What a beautiful name, Mila!” She said.

“We’re going upstairs to my room,” Roy said.

“Oh, alright, I will make some tea for you,” She said, and went to the kitchen.

They both went upstairs, and closed the door behind them. Mila rubbed her arm, and looked anxious, like she was going to say some dirty secret to Roy. He looked at her, giving her the time and attention to speak.

“The Firebird hunter, there’s here,” She said. “I’m afraid that they tracked my way here. It’s not safe for me to stay here anymore.”

“Wait, you can’t just leave, what about the cops?” He said.

“The cops can’t be involved, they never believe such fairy tales,” She said. “I have to leave…” She looked down the window in fear of someone following her, and saw two men in black attire, approaching the front door. Then there was knocking on the door that made them both flinch.

They opened the door, and went downstairs to see Roy’s grandmother talking to two weird men. One of them had a scar around his lips, black long hair and a black tattoo of a gold arrow with snake around it. They went closer to hear what they had to say.

“I’m John Adams,” The man with tattoo said. “I can smell a Firebird from miles away. It’s here…”

“It’s against the law to get in our house without permission, go away!” Roy snapped at him.

The other man, who was bulky, laughed.

John looked at Mila briefly before he turned around on his heels and left the house.

Roy and Mila sighed.

“What a crazy man!” Roy’s grandmother said.




Chapter Four

Roy and Mila looked at the Firebird hunters as they entered a black van with the same image of John’s tattoo on his arm a gold arrow with snakes around it. They stood there on the pavement, and waited for the hunters to be away, and then they started moving.

Roy took his bike which he kept on the side of the house, and beckoned for Mila to side behind him. She shook her head in disagreement.

“I’ll run behind you,” She said.

“Okay,” He said and started working his legs behind the Firebird hunters on the road, carefully, and away from the van so that they don’t catch them following them. Mila was behind him, with abnormal speed, and swift movements, she was beside Roy as he rode his bike.

It was fifteen minutes, before the van stopped in an abandoned property with a metal fence. The hunters got out of the van, and closed the gate behind them, and entered the old building inside the fences. Mila and Roy hid behind bushes, and looked around to make sure no one was stalking them.

“Now what?” Roy asked.

Mila tucked her blond hair behind her ears to hear better and looked at the building with her x-ray eyes. She saw men inside the building, and some guards protecting the front door. She could only see the red bodies from behind the walls, but not too detailed. She heard them talking and focused on that room where they sat around in some office, with John, the leader of the Firebird hunters.

“I have powerful eyes, and ears. I can hear them talk, and move,” Mila explained.

“Wow,” Roy whispered in owe.

“As a Firebird, I develop a power every couple of centuries,” She explained, “It’s not easy to get new powers.”

Roy gasped, and his eyes widened at the idea of his crush being hundreds of years old. Mila smiled, and winked at him.

“Are you saying that you’re immortal?” He asked in shock.

“Not really, I can die,” She said, “But I can live as long as no one kills me first.”

“That’s unusual..” Roy said, and thought how it was almost impossible to like someone who is older than his grandmother.

Mila looked away, and focused on the Firebird hunters at distant. “They’re talking about us,” She said, “I hear him yelling to his people. He told them about me.”

“He knows about you?” Roy snapped, and forgot to hold his voice down.

Mila shushed him, and placed her finger on her lips, then pointed at the building.

“What are they saying now?” Roy asked, while Mila squinted her eyes at the walls of the building as she saw through them.

“John ordered them to kill me, and bring my body to him,” She whispered.

Roy closed his eyes in disappointment, and shook his head. “I have to protect you,” He said, “I can’t let them kill you!”

Mila looked into Roy’s passionate eyes, and got lost there for a moment, then she looked away. “I can protect myself, Roy,” She said, “I did this for many centuries.”








Chapter Five

In the morning, Roy sat on his bed, as he rested his back on the bed wall, and his legs spread on the bed while he listened to music from his phone. He banged his head, back and forth with the music, and thought about Mila, and her dangerous eyes that made him feel easy in an odd way. He thought about getting closer to her, but she usually pushed him away. She didn’t have to say anything, he just felt it. There was an unwelcoming fear inside of her.

Suddenly, the window cracked open, and he looked at the window. There was Mila, without her wings, inside his bedroom. She still had hat jumpsuit on, and he wondered if she ever showered with it.

He took his headphones off, and got off his bed. “Mila,” He called, “What are you doing here?”

He saw that her hands, clenched, and she bit her lips. She looked nervous, and scared.

“I heard them in the forest,” She said, “They were looking for me. I had to leave”

He placed his phone, and headphones on his bed. “You should stay here until you feel that your place is clear,” He suggested.

He saw an old book, with golden words, written, The Fire Book of Magic. Mila put the book on his study table, and opened in some page that was written with old ink, and smelled of old an old musty book. She pointed at the written words.

“It says that there is somewhere that’s called the Merry Kingdom, where magical creatures live in peace, and the only way to be able to enter, is by collecting rare stones, and handing it to the guards at the Merry Kingdom gate,” She explained, as she skimmed the words.

Roy blinked for a second to adjust to the new information. “And where do we get those stones?” He asked, “We don’t even know where that gate is, and how true this book is.”

Mila frowned. “My parents were right, I’m sure,” She defended. “They talked about it when I was a little girl, before they were murdered by the Firebirds hunters…”

Roy looked away in sympathy. “I’m sorry,” He said, “My parents died in a car accident when I was seven, so I know how it feels.”

Mila turned to look at him with her warm green eyes, and placed her hand on his shoulder that made him flinch a bit. He was surprised to see some progress with her expression of feelings, even a bit. After she removed her hand from his shoulder, the heat lingered on, and he was glad he was connecting with her.

She looked back at the book, and tucked her hair behind her ear. “I have to find the Kingdom,” She said. She thought of all the times she spent with her parents talking about this Kingdom that they fancied, and what would it actually look like when she finds it.

We,” He emphasized the word, loud and clear. “We will do it together.”

And that was a promise he was ready to keep.











Chapter Six

Mila slept on the tree branch in the forest at night, with a body of a Firebird that was small and unnoticeable. She was in deep sleep, and there only sounds she heard were the owls, and small night animals, until she heard a crack of a branch below. She swiftly opened her eyes, and looked down with her night vision, and saw four men with guns who walked in the forest. She guessed those men were Firebird hunters, because they all had the same tattoos on their arms.

She made her body invisible, and tried to not make any sound, and wait for the men to go away. the only sound she heard from herself was her own speedy heartbeats, and realized how afraid she was to die alone in the forest that night.

“Let’s flash some light on the trees,” One of them said.

She felt the light cast on her body, which made her heartbeats even faster than normal. She knew she was invisible, but the fear made her mind think unreasonably. She waited until the men spread out, and she sighed in relief.

In a minute, she had something push her, and she screamed. There was a squirrel that climbed to her tree branch. She closed her eyes for a second and cursed. “Stupid squirrel!”

Then she heard the men come back, and they looked at her, and she guessed that her body wasn’t invisible anymore.

“Shit!” She cursed.

Then she heard them scream. “There she is!” One man shouted, and started shooting with his gun, and the others did the same.

Mila spitted fire at them, and made one man have flames all over his body as he screamed and rolled on the ground to put the fire off.

They fired again, and she flew this time away from the branch, then she remembered her book that she left inside the three where the roots grew. She turned into a girl with gold wings, and went down in the tree. She dug in the dirt, and took her hidden book with her, but as soon as she was to fly off, one man shot her left wing, and she winced.

“I shot her!” He shouted. “Get the girl!”

She ran in speed, and in seconds, she made herself invisible again. She saw that the blood was dripping from her left wing, and tried to lift her wing, but it shot pain through her shoulder. She cried, and kept running. She ended up at an abandoned house, very rusty and old. She entered the house, and went up the weak wooden stairs as she breathed heavily from her mouth.

She knew that wound will heal itself, but she had to remove the bullet before it closed up. She left her book on the dusty, old bed in one bedroom, and went into the kitchen to look for a knife. She found a sharp knife, and started digging in her wing where the bullet shot, and with many concealed screams, sweating, and gritting her teeth. She finally took the bullet, and looked at the blood in her hands as she held the bullet, then she fell on the floor lost her conscious.












Chapter Seven

Mila was a little girl again, with her long blonde hair, and green eyes. She had smaller wings that were still growing, and it was painful to feel the wings rip her skin apart on the back of her shoulders. She saw herself in the mirror, with a skinny body, and blood that seeped through her clothes. It was in the old house, where she fell down unconscious. She turned around to see her collapsed body on the floor with blood on her left wing.

Am I dead?

She heard the voices of her parents talking, and laughing loud downstairs, so she went downstairs to find them sitting in the couch, looking at each other with deep love and affection. She stood in front of them in the living room, and called.



They turned to look at her, and smiled their compassionate smiles. Her mother extended her hand, and beckoned for Mila to sit in the middle of the couch between them. They looked alive, and the same as Mila have known them before their murder. Her mother had her eyes, but with dark brown hair. Her father had the blond hair, and grey eyes.

Her mother placed her hand on Mila’s cheek.

Darling, what have happened?  

Mila sobbed into her hands, and said.

I died… I failed 

Mila’s father looked at her, and his smile faded, and was replaced by anger. He turned to flame, and her mother by her side turned to flame as well, which made Mila jump from her sitting position, and run at the corner of the room as she screamed. She pushed herself to the wall, and cried loud.

They came closer and shouted.

You have to get up!

Mila screamed, and covered her face with her hands, and hoped that she would survive from her evil parents. How come the sweet, loving parents turned into devils?

Get up!

Get up!

Get up!

Get up!

The next thing Mila knew was her awakening at the kitchen floor. She felt the knife in her hand, and looked at the dry blood in it. She turned to her left wing, and saw the dry blood, and the healed wound. She breathed in panic, and felt the tears falling from her eyes. She touched the tears that fell on her cheeks, and looked at the golden tears on her finger tips, and licked it. She knew what her gold tears were capable of doing with wounds and healing. It was the only way that it gave her quick healing, and the strength she needed to leave the house. But leaving the house at day light was a big risk, so she had to wait until night falls, then she can make her moves. She knew she had to visit Roy and tell him about what happened. She had to warn him that the Firebird hunters might follow him, and try to kill him.







Chapter Eight

Mila got back to the forest, and looked around to check if anyone was there, but she only found the old tree she was sleeping on. It had bullets holed on its branch. She ran her fingers on the tree branch holes, and felt the tough surface.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a whistle inside her ears. She knew who blew it, and fluttered her wings a bit to warm up after a while of not flying. It felt like it had been days, and her stomach made sounds of extreme hunger. She placed her hand on her belly, and frowned.

“Roy,” She murmured to herself.

She took one bottle of potion she put inside her pocket. She opened the bottle, and drank the bitter drink. She looked at her wings, and felt the pain as they disappeared from her back.

She walked with a bit of speed, until she reached Roy’s house. Pedestrians stared at her weird attire, and tired face. They were shocked to see someone with a lot of blood on her cloth.

She walked behind the house, where she hid from people’s stares, and jumped to Roy’s bedroom window. She saw Roy sitting in her desk chair, as he whistled the gold whistle she gave him.

She knocked the window, which surprised Roy, and he jumped from his chair and opened the window.

Mila stepped inside, with a groan.

“What happened to you?” He asked.

“They found my hiding place,” She replied, and tried to steady her breathing from the pain.

Roy furrowed his eyebrows in concern, and brought some antiseptic with a small towel. He opened the bottle, and poured some on the towel. He placed the damp towel on her wounds.

Mila, gritted her teeth, and winced and Roy kept his towel on the wound in her shoulder.

“Easy,” He said. “We don’t want you getting an infection.”

She shook her head. “Roy, they’re dangerous people. They could try and kill you too,” She warned.

“I know,” He said.

She took the towel from his hand abruptly, and glared at him.

“Well, then, we can’t continue on meeting like this,” She said.

He licked his lips, and snickered. “Too late for that, I’m already involved,” He said.

She placed the dirty, bloody towel on his desk.

“That’s not right,” She said. “You could die!” And punched his desk with her fist that it created a crack, and Roy flinched with the sound of her strong punch.

Roy saw how concerned she looked about him, and his grandmother. He felt special, and cared about, which meant that there was an improvement with Mila’s feelings towards him. She saw a stupid smirk on his face.

“You like me,” He teased, and looked into her glimmering green eyes.

She looked away, and extended her hand towards him.

“Give me back my whistle,” She demanded with a blush.

“Nah, I’ll keep it, and we will find the Merry Kingdom together,” He said. “It’s a promise.”

She turned to the open window, and jumped off the window. The moment she left, Roy grinned.

“She likes me,” He whispered to himself, and twirled on his feet with delight.

Chapter Nine

Roy rode his bike on the pavement, while the sunlight reflected on the shops’ glasses. He thought of getting Mila something that she liked so much from the nearest grocery shop in town. After a few minutes of riding, he stopped before a small shop, and locked his bike to a light pole. He entered the shop that smelled of chocolates and candies.

The cashier smiled at Roy, who was a teenager himself, and had long brown hair, and big glasses on.

“Good morning,” He said to Roy.

Roy bobbed his head to him, and replied. “Good morning.” He walked in the aisles and looked for a good chocolate that Mila would like. He saw one plain big chocolate, and took it. He walked to the big fridge and took one boxed cheese sandwich, and went to the cashier to pay his items. He placed the items on the counter, and the guy scanned the items, and the price appeared on the display screen.

Roy took his small wallet, and paid full cash. The cashier took the money, and placed the items in the bags while he looked at Roy, and smirked. Roy was surprised at his weird behaviour, and he saw a tattoo on his left arm, the same tattoo John had. Then everything made sense to him at the moment, the shortest moment before the teenage boy chuckled, and Roy ran for the door as quickly as he could, but too late, they were after him. When he got outside, he unlocked his bike, and paddled in speed while looking back at a black car that was following him. Roy’s heart raced, and he was sweating, but he kept on paddling until he took a turn in between two buildings, and continued moving, then he took a right turn, and it was blocked. He stopped in his tracks, and saw the walls in front of him.

He looked back and saw three men walking towards him, and Roy had no option, but to fight back. The men chuckled, and one of them took a bag and a gun with him to shoot Roy. The men surrounded Roy, as he thought of a way to sneak out. He thought of using the whistle to call Mila, but it was too late. He was already screwed.

“Where is the girl?” One man said. He was overweight and breathing so loudly.

“What girl?” Roy asked, and pretended not to know what they were talking about.

The men looked at each other with annoyance, and overweight man, with a broken frontal tooth, grimaced.

“You know what I’m talking about,” He said. “We’re looking for the last Firebird!”

Roy gulped, and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The other tall man pointed his gun at Roy. “Then prepare to die,” He said, and shot Roy on his lap, which made Roy wince, and look at the arrow bullet he was shot on his leg. He touched the arrow to try to remove it, but he felt unconscious on the ground.

To be continued..


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