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Be Aware Of Publishing Scams

Are you an author who would like to get a book published?  If you are, and if you are currently an unpublished author, you may do just about anything to see your book in print.  As good as it is to …

Digital Publishing

Are you a writer who has tried and tried and tried again to get your book published?  If you have and if you have only been met with rejection letter after rejection letter, your first impulse may be…

Cons of Self Publishing

  Are you an author who has a book that you would like to see published?  If you are, you should know that you do have a number of different options.  While the most common approach taken invol…

Just Finished Writing Your Book?

Are you an author who just finished writing a book?  If you are, you may want to see your book published.  But, do you have a book that will get published?   When it comes to determining if you…

Publishing Questions Asked

Are you looking to get a book that you wrote published?  Whether that book is a romance novel, a science fiction novel, a children’s book, or a book from another genre, there is a good chance that …

Should You Self Publish?

Are you an author who has a book that you would like to see published?  If so, have you received multiple rejection letters from both large and small publishing houses?  If you have, your first thou…