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Carol James Marshall

Greetings everyone, this is Safa Shaqsy and I’m interviewing Carol James Marshall about her as a writer. If you don’t know Carol, well, she’s the author of Starburst about the women of the Grey,…

Amanda Steel Thank you Amanda for taking this interview, please tell us a little about you? Hi, I am Amanda Steel and was born in Bradford (UK) in 1979. I always enjoyed writing as a child. One teache…

Marketing Your Book

You’ve created your book out of nothing, from sweat and tears. You’ve worked hard to edit it, format it and create a cover for your book. You’ve chosen your category, written a description and a…

Different Books Formats

There are a lot of options available to writers. It’s the decade of opportunities for writers and publishing now can seem overwhelming. Whether a writer chooses to publish traditionally of self-publ…

Book Cover Design

You work hard on your book. You put your energy, thoughts and money into creating it. You have it edited, proofread and formatted all that to please your readers, and you think the inside is what matt…

How To Write Children’s Book?

Are you a writer who would like to write and publish a children’s book?  If you are, you should know that you have a lot of work ahead of you.  A lot of new writer’s believe that children’s bo…