Marketing Your Book

You’ve created your book out of nothing, from sweat and tears. You’ve worked hard to edit it, format it and create a cover for your book. You’ve chosen your category, written a description and are ready to publish your book. But, you’re not done yet.     Book publishing is competitive. If you’re going to […]

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Finding A Writer For Your Book

Internet niche marketing campaigns can often be handled by one person with one small exception. Unless the person orchestrating the campaign is a particularly gifted writer, the creation of content relevant to the niche should be handled by a professional writer. The required content may include concise content for e-newsletters and websites or more in […]

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Getting Your Book Published

If you are an author who is shopping around for a publisher, you may find the phrase “agented submission only.”  What does this mean?  This means that the publisher in question will not even look at manuscripts that are sent in directly by the author.  Instead, the approach must be made by a professional literary […]

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