How to write a Bestselling Book

A lot of newbie writers struggle with their first book and dream to make it in the industry. They write maybe one book that’s not quite good and try to market it, wasting a lot of cash, to readers who are not interesting in their books, and ending up not selling. Their dreams and hopes […]

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How To Write A Book

Do you dream of becoming a writer?, do you visualize your finished book in your hands?. Do you want millions of readers to read your book?. There are a lot of writers out there, just like you, who wants to be the big deal from the first book. I’m not saying that it’s not possible, […]

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How Not To Write Like A Cyborg

A lot of new writers have trouble with their writing style, especially writers who are just starting out. When you finally publish your book that you were working on for months or years, then readers write reviews says that your writing is static, and the characters are not relatable or they didn’t feel connected to […]

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