July 16, 2016

How To Write A Book

Do you dream of becoming a writer?, do you visualize your finished book in your hands?. Do you want millions of readers to read your book?.

There are a lot of writers out there, just like you, who wants to be the big deal from the first book. I’m not saying that it’s not possible, but you need to learn and constantly learn about the business of writing. Yes, writing is a business. And if you treat it that way, your publishing process will be much easier.



Writing a book is hard, no doubt, but you have to set a time and space for writing. Setting a time and space for writing will make your writing process much easier, and more into routine-like than just a hard work. It is very important that you choose a specific room or space in your house to write, and also set a specific timing to write, so that you train your brain that the space you allocated for writing is just for writing, and nothing else. It will be hard at first, when you start writing. But after a while, you will notice that the moment you sit in that space or place in a specific timing, your brain will be generating ideas faster and your writing becomes smooth and comfortable. And you will less likely to face writer’s block.


One of the first things that you will want to do, before writing your book, is to think about the most exciting topic you want to write about. Something that you’re really passionate about. Choose a topic that makes you insomniac and just can’t sleep, until you tell the whole world about it. That’s the topic you definitely should write about, and the passion for the story will get you going. If you’re passionate enough about your story, nothing can stop you use the power of passion. Don’t choose the genre just yet, until you finish the book. Then you can decide what genre that fits your story.


Once you had chosen an idea, start outlining your plot. Open a word doc or whatever file and write down the pinpoints for every chapter. Write in a very short sentences what will happen in a chapter. Outlining will make writing your book easier and you will not face a problem with chapters sequence. When you start writing and your story goes out of the outline that you set for your book, don’t panic. It’s okay, that must be your subconscious telling you what to write. Follow your instincts, but as long as the story makes sense and logical. Do what’s best for your story, love your story and your characters.


After you finish your book, start reading it as a reader. The first draft is always messy, and you will definitely need to edit at least three times before you give it away to the editor. When you self-edit your manuscript, don’t be afraid to cut cliché scenes, dialogue or even writing few parts. As you know the secret of writing is re-writing. When you’re done self-editing, it is time to give it to editor. Let the editor do the work, and if your book had plot holes and needed major plot amending, then that’s alright. It’s not personal. The editor just wants what’s best for your book.


Happy writing.


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