July 16, 2016

How Not To Write Like A Cyborg

A lot of new writers have trouble with their writing style, especially writers who are just starting out. When you finally publish your book that you were working on for months or years, then readers write reviews says that your writing is static, and the characters are not relatable or they didn’t feel connected to the characters. Well, you’re not alone. A lot of writers hear this, and there are always ways to improve your writing. Anyway, here are the basics:

First, you need to include the descriptions, whether they are characters or the world. If the descriptions about the characters, you write about the eye color, the shape, the color of the hair and whether the character is tall or short and whether the character is skinny or full.  You can also describe the landscape, city, village, buildings, sky, weather, etc. Remember, descriptions will make your story more alive.

You may also want to include senses. Always include senses, such as smell, sounds, and the feelings of the characters. If it’s a smell, is it pleasant or is it unpleasant?. Sound, is it the sound of the footsteps, or the thunder. Feelings, are your characters mad?, sad?, happy?. Writing about the characters feelings are very important to your story, they make your characters real and relatable. If they are not included in a story, the characters would feel to be flat and unreal.

Third is background story. Include background stories to the main characters, as they add depth in a story. Write about what the characters like, or what are their hobbies?, what do they do in their free time?, what’s their family life like?, what’s their social life like?, etc.

Finally, the most important thing to do in order to improve your writing, is to write more books. So keep on writing.


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