How to write a Bestselling Book

A lot of newbie writers struggle with their first book and dream to make it in the industry. They write maybe one book that’s not quite good and try to market it, wasting a lot of cash, to readers who are not interesting in their books, and ending up not selling. Their dreams and hopes […]

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Marketing Your Book

You’ve created your book out of nothing, from sweat and tears. You’ve worked hard to edit it, format it and create a cover for your book. You’ve chosen your category, written a description and are ready to publish your book. But, you’re not done yet.     Book publishing is competitive. If you’re going to […]

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Different Books Formats

There are a lot of options available to writers. It’s the decade of opportunities for writers and publishing now can seem overwhelming. Whether a writer chooses to publish traditionally of self-publish, there are handful of different publication options or formats. Let’s take a look at each of them and explore the pros and cons.   […]

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